Surging US Wind build Tests Super-Size Transport Limits

U.S. turbine suppliers must navigate a shortage of specialized trailer drivers in the fourth quarter of 2020 as record demand combines with growing dimensions, experts told New Energy Update. U.S. wind project partners face a severe test of resources in the last... read more

Open-Source 15MW Digital Turbine launched

The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) led a research project to create the design, which it hopes will provide a reference to support the development of turbines up to 20MW without need for new technologies. Its IEA 15-MW design — named for the... read more

Plummeting costs Spur Oregon floating Wind Activity Related Articles Equinor cuts floating wind costs by 40% in design revamp Floating wind groups lure heavyweight backers in race for scale Largest ever turbine... read more

Van Oord buys into Controversial Estonian Project

Van Oord and Saare Wind Energy plan to start the Environmental Impact Assessment for the site once they have received a 50-year building permit from the national government. The government had refused to start the permitting process for the planned 100-turbine site... read more

Offshore Load warnings, Bullish Bids turn Spotlight on Models

Offshore load factor downgrades are spurring more rigorous wind modelling as developers assume higher factors for future projects, based on advancing technologies. In October, Orsted announced it had been overestimating the load factors of its offshore wind farms by... read more

Offshore Wind spending Reaches Record High in 2019

Total investments in renewables capacity increased last year, but was still only the third highest annual spend on record (pic: Bloomberg New Energy Finance) In total, $138.2 billion was invested in wind power in 2019 while total renewable energy spending rose to... read more

New Players needed for Green Growth – EGP CEO

As new players like oil companies make new investments in wind and solar power, and utilities left behind in the race to add renewable energy capacity play catch up, Cammisecra believes these new investors are essential to support growth in renewable energy. Companies... read more

Distance Rule scrapped From German Coal exit law Draft

The latest draft for Germany’s coal exit legislation seen by Recharge no longer contains a damaging distance rule for onshore wind planned by the country’s government. A previous version of the law proposal that is part of a wider climate package had still contained a... read more